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Bus Factory is a leading buses and minibuses manufacturer on both Polish and European market.

Our team has longstanding automotive business experience. We specialize in adaptations based on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Our services are performed with a full managerial staff and every single employee commitment.

Our present and future Customer comes first. We seek to ensure that our Customer is being taken care of in a professional and fair manner. We provide our Customers with comprehensive service from the moment they issue an order till afer- sales technical services. We invest much effort in our ongoing development, to produce modern, safe, reliable and comfortable vehicles. Our team members are passionate about automotive business. While designing and adapting vehicles, the team keeps searching for new technical solutions, to make our vehicles more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

When fulfilling our orders we try to meet all requirements and offer the best possible solutions. The buses we produce feature unique interiors with attention to detail, which influences their design as well as passenger's comfort. We offer a wide range of vehicles with varying seat arrangements – from 5 to 24 and various interior versions.

Many Clients have trusted us. We hope for long-lasting collaboration also with Your company.


Bus Factory Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

84-200 Wejherowo
Przemysłowa 56


Our team

Piotr Bielecki

sales department
+48 570 155 570

Emilia Bork

sales department
+48 503 903 162

Rafał Bork

service & warranty department
+48 609 794 285

Dawid Lesner

purchasing & logistic department
+48 505 556 801

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Commercial vehicles for Your company

Commercial vehicles for Your company