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BUS FACTORY offers help in choosing the right financing method and preparing the necessary documents for a leasing or bank loan application. Flexible vehicle financing is possible thanks to our collaboration with the best and most credible companies on the market. All the formalities connected with the evaluation of application and granting of any financing form are settled on the spot, during the vehicle purchase upon consultation with our advisers. If a client chooses our financing offer, we guarantee them the cheapest OC/AC/NNW (OC – motor third-parties insurance, AC – accident and theft insurance, NNW – personal accident insurance) package insurance. The cost of the insurance is 0.9% of the net value of the purchased vehicle.


Leasing is a modern and economically effective financing form. It allows the lessee to use a particular, chosen vehicle for a set period of time for leasing payments. The agreement conclusion proceedings are much simpler. One's leasing ability is checked based on the internal regulations of the lessor, which are less rigid than in the case of a bank loan.

Leasing advantages:

  • Low own contribution of 1%
  • Leasing term of up to 84 months
  • Financial and operational leasing
  • Lease instalments constitute a tax deductible cost
  • Improvement of the company's financial capacity (leaseback)
  • Simplified proceedings - a quick decision on the lease subject financing
  • Equal, degressive and seasonal instalments
  • OC, AC and NNW insurances at a special offer, from 0.9%!!!

Bank Loan

It is a form of a cash borrowing for a purchase of a vehicle. What makes a typical car loan different from a cash borrowing is a lower interest rate and the fact that the subject vehicle becomes security for the repayment. What is more, additional security is required in the form of an accident and theft insurance, which is to be taken out and subsequently renewed throughout the duration of credit period for the credited vehicle, and the right to potential damages must in this period be assigned to the bank granting the loan.

Bank loan advantages:

  • Simplified proceedings
  • No Tax Office or Social Insurance Institution certification
  • Loan divided into convenient instalments
  • Early repayment option
  • Repayment suspension option.
  • OC, AC and NNW insurance at a special offer, from 0.9%!!!