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For all the buses and minibuses manufactured at BUS FACTORY, you receive all the necessary certificates and approvals, which are required to register a vehicle throughout the European Union. All the components which we use to produce our vehicles have the necessary permissions and certificates.

We have got a European bus type approval no. 2007/46/EC for the M2 and M3 vehicle category issued in accordance with the European Union Directive. The whole vehicle type approval can be used in various fitting configurations and seat arrangements, including an adaptation for people with disabilities.

Thanks to the European whole vehicle type approval and the certificates that our company has obtained, you can take the top quality and passenger safety of our products for granted.

We hold also a number of separate approvals for the vehicles we produce when it comes to:

  • seat mounting safety,
  • ISOFIX anchorages and seat belts
  • wheelchair spaces assembly

The technical solutions of BUS FACTORY have been meticulously tested at institutions like: PIMOT, ITS, IDIADA. We keep extending our technical documentation, so that we can meet all of your demands. Our management and technical staff keep developing their knowledge and skills by participating in various specialist automotive industry courses and workshops.

We provide up to 5 years’ warranty for our buses and minibuses, and our ISO 9001:2009 certificate is a proof of our services high quality.